Friday, 16 December 2011

Dangerous Reflections buy Shay Fabbro – Review by Lindsay

 4 Stars.

This book follows Alexis Davenport, a teen who had not only gone through the upset of her father leaving, but who has also had to deal with being the new kid at a new school. As if things couldn’t be any worse for the young girl, she also seems to have recently acquired a strange ‘gift’, she is able to travel to other times in history! Sadly, Alex has no control over her new power, more like she has to go where it takes her and when it wants too. 

However, she soon realises this is happening for a reason. What’s that reason you ask? All I can say is read the book. 

This is a easy and fun little adventure. The writing style flows perfectly. You feel a lot of the emotions the character feels. At some points, when she was in school, I even felt myself getting a little embarrassed for her. 
Overall, a very entertain read.

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