Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Interview with author Stacey Rourke

I would like to welcome Stacey Rourke to the page. Stacey is the author of 'The Gryphon series', Book 1 'The Conduit' is already available, Book 2 'Embrace' will be released tomorrow 10th May.

A Big thank-you to Stacey for agreeing to let me interview her .


Q:-  You had a lot of rejections before a publisher signed you up for ‘Conduit’ (Though, in my opinion if they had read just the first few pages they would never have rejected it!) How did you deal with the disappointment and what made you carry on submitting your work?

S.R I made voodoo dolls of all the people that rejected me. Kidding! I thought about giving up--a LOT! But in the end I knew this was what I wanted to do and I felt I owed it to my story and characters to stick with them and see it through.  Plus it seemed every time I would get to my "breaking point" I'd get some sort of great feedback, a positive review, or a pep talk from a supportive friend or family member that would spur me on. It's so easy to focus on the negative, but I trained myself to cling to positive instead and use that to motivate me. 

Q:-  Moral Dilemma:- While taking a stroll dressed in your most expensive designer outfit you see a man throw a sack into the river. You watch as it bobs on the surface for a few minutes before it sinks. You are not 100% sure but you think you hear kittens crying in the sack...Do you sacrifice your dress and jump in to save them or walk away without a second thought?

S.R The dress would make no difference at all. I'd save the kitties and find a way to throw the dude in the river.
Jane:- Me too!!

Q:-    You have writing dry humour and witty remarks down to a fine art, one of my favourite lines being "Try throwing a verb in there, Alaina. Makes communication more effective." I Love it!!! Are you a naturally ‘funny’ person or did you have to work hard creating  those lines? 

S.R As anyone that's hung out with me for five minutes can tell you I write like I talk. I'm a very sarcastic person! Thankfully I've found a productive outlet for it that DOESN'T make people want to kick me repeatedly and often. 

Q:-    Random Question:- (I’m asking 10 authors this question to see how many agree)  If I asked you to include the phrase 'A day without sunshine is like, you know, night.' somewhere in your next book, would you?

S.R Absolutely! That sounds like something Kendall would say!!
Jane:- I had to laugh at your answer because one of my daughters is called Kendal and that is SO HER lmao!!

Q:-   The cover art for ‘Embrace’ is beautiful. How difficult was it for you to find a cover designer who could put your ideas perfectly on paper for you and is he/she the same artist who did the cover art  for ‘Conduit’?

S.R Thank you! Isn't it gorgeous?! There are two different artists that did the artwork for The Conduit and Embrace. The gryphon painting on Conduit was done by Lisa Strange, who is the owner of Strange Daze Tattoos here in Michigan. She is insanely talented and the only person I let tattoo me. She was gracious enough to paint that for me. For Embrace I knew I wanted a sketch so I used social media to announce a "casting call" for a sketch artist. Crystal Ord answered the call and wowed me with her breathtaking drawing of Caleb. I was so impressed with her work that I asked her to join my publishing company, Anchor Group, to take care of all our illustration needs. We are very blessed to have Crystal and keep her VERY busy! 

Q:-    The world of publishing is a cut throat business. Do you have any regrets about starting up your publishing company ‘The Anchor Group’?

S.R Absolutely not. Best decision I ever made. Yes, I'm insanely busy but I love it. I get to do what I love for a living! Following my passion! How awesome is that? Plus I have an amazing crew! Melissa Ringsted, our Vice President, is the Thelma to my Louise and is the most devoted crew member a person could ask for. Crystal Ord, as I mentioned, our insanely talented illustrator. Katie Cowan that delivers stunning covers time and time again. Megan Jeannette Parker that makes our books come alive in eye catching trailers. Jenn Swigger my administrator and friend that helps my voice get a farther reach. And then there's the authors; Christy Sloat, Dawn Gray, Ethan Rice, Monika Pardon, Katherine Polillo, and each and every person that is contributing to our anthology. The amount of talent under the Anchor Group name boggles my mind! I couldn't be happier and I hope it continues to grow!
Jane:- I think it’s great when people follow their dream, I wish all of you the best of luck and look forward to reading work from some of your authors.

Quick Fire Questions:-
a)   Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
b)   Beach or countryside? Beach
c)    Jeans or Dresses? Jeans
d)   Beer or Wine? Neither. RUM!
e)  Johnny Depp or Keanu Reeves? Forever and always Johnny. Our love began when he was on 21 Jump Street and continues to burn bright to this day.

Q:-  I often wonder where writers come up with the ideas for their characters professions. Did you include a ‘hot cameraman’ in conduit because of your early ambitions to be an actress?

S.R Wow, great question! I don't think that's why I gave Alec that job, but maybe subconsciously I did... Actually I wanted Alec's story to mirror Celeste's in a way. She wants to be an art teacher, but then finds out destiny has other plans. Alec wants to be a cameraman, but his boss forces him in front of the camera and he finds that his true "calling." Each of them having a calling in, and its the polar opposite nature of those callings that begins to pull them apart. From the very beginning Alec and Celeste were never meant to be, because I always knew the raven-haired Irishman was coming. ;-)

Q:-   I am excited to read the next book in this series, have you written it yet and given it a title ….and more importantly when will it be available?

S.R The third Gryphon Series book, Sacrifice, will be out this November. It's in the editing process now! After that there will be a fourth and final book to wrap up the series. I'm hoping to have that out late spring/early summer of 2013. 
Jane:- I suppose I can live with that timeline!!

Q:-  Is there anything else you want to tell us about that I have not covered in this interview?

S.R The Conduit and Embrace are available for Kindle, and can be picked up or ordered  where ever  fine books are sold. Coming soon for the Nook. Also check out some of Anchor Groups other titles; The Many Lives of Avery Snow, and S.P.I.R.I.T. Fire Storm, and watch on Anchor publishing or Anchor Group  for all the new titles we have releasing this year! 

Where to Find Stacey and her books

Embrace U.S
Embrace U.K



  1. fantastic interview. I have conduit on my kindle. :) Sounds really good.

  2. Jane:- :) it is a really brilliant book i loved it xx